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Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)
Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)

Smart Vegetable Cutter (Special)

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Are you tired of long cooking time?

You aren´t the only one and we have the solution to your problem! Now with Smart Vegetable Cutter, it’s so simple and quick you’ll be chopping like never before!

Smart Vegetable cutter are a knife and cutting board in one. Is an amazing slicer that cuts as quickly and easily as scissors and lets the food fall right where you need it.

✅ Benefits

Knife and cutting board in one - this Combination makes cutting, slicing, and dicing easy and fast, save your time and money.

Safety lock - Locking a safety hinge helps prevent accidental cuts.

Ergonomic Design & Multi-Purpose - The handle made from plastic makes it a very comfortable grip. Thanks to the small design this kitchen tool saves space and is easy to carry for picnics, barbecue, and any outdoor activity.

Sharp Blade - Made from strong and stainless steel. 

Easy to Use and Clean - Soft chopping due to plastic handle and is dishwasher safe.

This Smart Vegetable Cutter can be disassembled and used as a knife. It can cut fruits, vegetables, meats, and bread. Simple and free to switch.

 Dishwasher safe 

It can be hand washed or even washed in your dishwasher
*Clean your Smart Vegetable Cutter before your first use.

Safety lock

To store the Smart Vegetable Cutter in the closed position you must first squeeze the handle and then press the safety lock button up. Press the button down to disengage.
*Always keep it locked when not in use.


How to use it?

Step 1: Press the button down to unlock the safety lock.

Step 2: Insert the food between the blade and the cutting board. The best and easiest way to cut is to place the food closer to the pivot point.
Do not try to cut foods that are larger than the opening between the blade and the cutting board.

Step 3: Press the handle to cut. The pressure lever will open automatically for faster and easier cutting.
Make sure your hands or fingers are away from the blade when you are using it.

Step 4: Place a bowl underneath to gather everything you cut. It is recommended to choose a large container so that the fruits and vegetables will not be sprinkled everywhere.

Reduce time cooking and save space in your kitchen! 

Package Include:

1 x Kitchen scissors


(Q) Is it easy to use? 
(A)Definitely yes. You can use it without any effort.

(Q) Will it rust?
(A)It will not rust and you can prolong its lifetime if you keep the blade dry after use.

(Q) What kinds of fruits and vegetables are suitable to use?
(A)There are so many types of food that could be easily cut: Apples, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, corn, cheese, salami, potatoes, onions, bread, chicken, steak, etc.

(Q)Is dishwasher safe?
(A)Yes! It is dishwasher safe.

(Q)Could this cut through cooked meat?
(A)Yes it can, it has enough power like normal scissors.

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